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I am trying to make an iPhone game that is set up such that the basic game logic is just a timer firing off every .02

The only control for the game will be to touch the screen (or not touch the screen) so I was wondering if there were any simple ways to quickly get a boolean value for whether or not the screen was currently being touched or not.

I am trying to avoid having to put in a bunch of logic to touchesBegan and touchesEnded to see whether or not someone currently has their finger pressed down.

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If you use NSTimer you should note that the resolution of the time interval for a timer is limited to about 50-100 milliseconds, according to the documentation. –  Martin R Aug 21 '12 at 18:09

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You need to keep a NSMutableSet of the touches that are ongoing, add the touches to the set on touchesBegan and remove the touches from the set when you get the touchesEnded or touchesCancelled:withEvent: callbacks. To check if there is a touch ongoing, you check if there are any touches in the set.

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This is sort of the only way to keep a record of touches still on the screen that I have found because touchesBegan and touchesEnded are very asymmetric. –  alper Apr 1 at 15:19

You can place a button on the screen and have different IBActions for touchUpInside and touchDown

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If you're updating everything every 0.2 seconds, and you don't want to "put a bunch of logic" in touchesBegan and touchesEnded, why don't you create a BOOL called isUserTouching. Set isUserTouching = YES or NO in the touchesBegan and touchesEnded methods respectively.

Simply placing a button over the game content could cause some weird behavior, however.

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If the user puts one finger then another on the view, then removes one you get a touchEnded and set isUserTouching = NO when there is still a touch left –  jbat100 Aug 21 '12 at 18:35

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