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I want to serve different content types based on the Accept header I receive at a RESTful endpoint.


Is there any way to do this with @ResponseBody? It seems like a convenient shortcut by allowing me to just return an object and let the HttpMessageConverter handle invoking Jackson but I just cannot get it working. 406 responses any time I wire up more than one MimeType.

For this iteration I've ended up querying the request header myself and returning the appropriate view handler myself, but I wouldn't mind revisiting this in future.

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If you are working with Spring 3.1, you can do this using @RequestMapping. New to 3.1 for the RequestMapping annotation are these members:

  1. consumes() -- Allows you to filter by the Content-type request header.
  2. produces() -- Allows you to filter by the Accept request header.

There is also the ability to apply some simple expressions to make it more robust.

@RequestMapping(consumes = {"application/json", "application/xml"})

@RequestMapping(consumes = {"!text/plain"})
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You can probably do something along the lines of what is suggested in this SO question:

Managing custom Acccept header in Spring MVC

class MyAppV1JsonConverter extends MappingJacksonHttpMessageConverter{
    public MyAppV1JsonConverter (){
        // OR setSupportedMediaTypes(Collections.singletonList(MediaType.valueOf("application‌​/myapp-v1.0+json")));


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