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I am having a problem that every time I try to build my project, the build status bar hangs saying "attaching projectName"

So I am trying to follow the instructions here: Attaching to ProjectName and set the project file directly.

But the problem is that I am not finding that directory "supporting files with the file ProjectName.app

That file does show up in my project tree, but for some reason I can not find it on the file system.

Could someone please advise on how to best make sure that the project file is set?


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So which one fixed it, or did you do them all? Inquiring minds want to know :-) –  David H Aug 21 '12 at 19:09

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When really bizarre stuff happens you can:

  • shut down Xcode and reopen it, then try again

  • remove the "Derived Data" folder for your project (Organizer, Projects Pane)

  • remove every folde prefixed with your name inside the project folder (or rename them)

  • restart your computer (possibly just logout/log back in)

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