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I know there are a lot of questions similar to mine on this site, but none seem to be what I am looking for with a few environment changes.

I'm running an osx Dumb Slave set up using Java Web Start. I'm not running as root, nor a specific user entitled 'jenkins,' but rather a normal user. I've installed the xcode plug-in on Jenkins. Everything seems to start up fine, and it's loading the files on the slave server, however, once I begin to build (post-clean), I run into this error:

Provisioning profile '<uuid>' can't be found

I've set the certificate to both login AND system and just login and just system. I copied the .p12 certificates that I was currently using on another machine. I'm at a loss. If anyone can possibly help or even link me to maybe some stackoverflow question I have yet to try, that would be great.


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I had to search through my project.pbxproj to all the provisioning profiles. It seemed there was an old number and a new number (used in different apps). I had to realign the provisioning number to the new one.

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