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How make an Update function in Three.js, like in Unity3d? I mean, that i create an object:

var torus = new THREE.Mesh( new THREE.TorusKnotGeometry(60,20,100), reflectionMaterial );

and when i click on the body, i change a reflectionMaterial. But the image don't change, i see a not changed reflectionMaterial (last figure). Always redrawing a render image??? Thank's for attention. Sorry for my English (I'm from Ukrainian).

P.S.: I work with Three.js onn my netbook and on (not my) notebook. On netbook i don't see a shaders. Why?? Did the Three.js support Shader Model number 3 and 0?

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If I understand your question, you are having issues changing a material after you click on something? You may need to change a flag depending on if you already have a material or not, there are some dependencies - check the link below:

material.needsUpdate = true;

There is an article on How to update things in Three.js

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Thank you very much! – user1615092 Aug 22 '12 at 18:29

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