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I am currently working with capybara for integration testing and as part of our testing framework. I am running into an issue that I cannot seem to find a solution to. So the scenario is this, I initially do a find for a tbody element. I get the object back and thats all well and good. The problem that I am facing is that there is a point in my testing where I need to assert that the css class of the tbody object that I am working with has changed. Every method I have tried so far fails. The code looks something like this:

@element = find('tbody')

--tbody css selecor changes to '.is-edit-post'


I am trying to assert that the capybara object has that css selector. I have also tried the following:



Now, I dont fully understand how the #find method works and what exactly it returns. At this point, I am speculating that since the tbody object didnt have that css selector at the time it was found and returned by the #find method, that this is why it is returning false or throwing an exception saying it is not found.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can get at the attribute of that capybara object if the attributes for that object change?

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It's been a long while since I posted this question, but I think that the answer I was looking for in this case was:

@element[:class].include? 'is-edit-post'

Or if the element didnt update, I would need to grab it again and then check the class:

find('tbody')[:class].include? 'is-edit-post'

In any case, I got around this problem long ago.

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