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My Collection mapping file contains the following relationship:

<set inverse="false" lazy="true" name="collectionMembers" sort="unsorted" cascade="save-update,delete-orphan">
            <column name="COLLECTION_CD" />
        <one-to-many class="CollectionMember" />

CollectionMember mapping file then contains the following bidirectional relationship:

<many-to-one name="collection" class="Collection" lazy="false">
        <column name="COLLECTION_CD" length="36" not-null="true" />

So a Collection contains a collection of CollectionMembers

The problem I am encountering is that when I attempt to delete a CollectionMember by removing it from the set, I get the following error message:


Why is it attempting to perform an update here instead of delete?


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Why is it attempting to perform an update here instead of delete?

because inverse="false" told Hibernate that the collection is responsible for the association which means removing from the collection -> remove the association between the rows -> set foreign key to null

what you propably want is inverse="true" cascade="all;delete-orphan"

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Yes, and there is also the needs to set update="false" as otherwise it will perform an update first. –  DJ180 Aug 31 '12 at 3:01

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