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A question I could not answer from the bazaar documentation. If I have a shared repository with branches having no working trees. So the branches folders only have a .bzr/ folder, not a single source code file or whatsoever I might be version controlling.

If I get this branch local using

bzr branch sharedrepository/somebranch localbranch

I get a branch with source code ! Where on earth are the sources stored on the sharedrepository side ? I looked inside .bzr but cannot find out.

Thanks so much

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The .bzr directory contains all the revisions in your repository. When you branch from that repository, by default it creates a branch with a working tree and checks out the latest revision into that working tree.

The revision data is packed and compressed inside the .bzr directory, you won't be able to find individual source files floating around inside there.

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THX man ! I heard what I wanted to hear :) –  CoolStraw Aug 22 '12 at 15:19

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