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Now I store my app sources (git repo) in folder:


But on git hub I want to have repo named not "front_app" but rather "my_project_front_app" is it possible to do?

Is it good approach or it is better to have local folder my_project_front_app for this git repo?

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You can do what you want. The local and the remote repository can have different names.

If you already have a local repository, you can add a remote (named as you want) with:

git remote add origin http://distant/a_remote_repository

If you already have a GitHub repository, you can clone it in the local folder you want with:

git clone http://distant/a_remote_repository a_different_local_folder
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Ok, thank you for your response! – WHITECOLOR Aug 21 '12 at 20:24

There is no reason the github repository, your local clone, and any other copy of the coude couldn't be named different things. There's no real advantage or disadvantage to it, other than your and your collaborators' ability to keep it straight.

git clone <url> <path> ;# path is a variable; it's the url that's well-defined
git remote add <name> <url> ;# as can be seen in the 'git remote add' command
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Thank you for your advice! – WHITECOLOR Aug 21 '12 at 20:24

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