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I want to change the image in different table td's. I want to change it with javascript, because I'm using a PHP Session variable for 4 different language. That means, I will have 8 different images for one table cell (2 images for 1 language, a normal image and hover image).

I have the following code:

var jsGlobalLang = "<?php echo $_SESSION['lang'];?>";


    var item_id = "";

        case 'home' : { item_id = "acasa";break; }
        case 'proiectaredecasa' : { item_id = "proiectare";break; }
        case 'caseconstruite' : { item_id = "case_construite";break; }
        case 'avantaje' : { item_id = "avantaje";break; }
        case 'oferte' : { item_id = "oferte";break; }

    $(this).html("<img src='images/lang/"+ jsGlobalLang +"_" + item_id + "_hover.gif' alt='' />");

It's working, but when I move out the mouse, the function doesn't work. I tried to call an alert(); function to check if the alert box pop's up, but it doesn't.

   alert('TEST !');
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You're missing an s there. –  Imp Aug 21 '12 at 19:58
my bad... edited. thanks –  Reteras Remus Aug 21 '12 at 19:59

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I believe you need to use mouseleave in this situation rather than mouseout

   alert('TEST !');

or use mouseover instead of mouseenter.

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There should be no difference :) mkyong.com/jquery/… –  Nicola Peluchetti Aug 21 '12 at 20:09
Well there would be a difference since the img tag is being added as a child of .menu-item, right (hmmmm now I have to investigate :P) –  locrizak Aug 21 '12 at 20:12

Which version of jQuery do you use? I use the latest, and it seems there are some problems with mouseout/mouseleave


Let's wait until they fix this?

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Well i think that if you replace the html of the td

 $(this).html("<img src='images/lang/"+ jsGlobalLang +"_" + item_id + "_hover.gif' alt='' />");

There is no mouseout from $(".menu-item") as there is no element with class = .menu-item

I didn't test this but this could be the case

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