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I'm trying to include multiple files server wide, so in etc/php.ini I have a few lines:

;Blowfish password

;WhoIs lookup

;IP database

It would appear that only the last auto_prepend_file is being accepted, or it's overwriting the others.

How can I include multiple files?

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Create a separate loader file that require's the files you need, then prepend that file.


And in in loader.php:

require '/plugins/phpass-0.3/PasswordHash.php';
require '/plugins/phpwhois-4.2.2/whois.main.php';
require '/plugins/GeoIP/';
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This is not exactly the same. Prepended files will fail with HTTP 500, whereas we cannot guarantee this behavior from require (require may spout rubbish to the user upon failing). – Pacerier Jul 22 '13 at 16:51
@Pacerier Prepended files fail with a 500 error when display_errors is off and there is no output. This is the same when using require. – DocRoot Mar 26 at 12:31

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