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I am using


to return the username of the currently logged in user in a gsp.

But how do I use some attributes of the currently logged in user? For example:

    <p>Name: ${user?.firstname}</p>

I thought user? would return the currently logged in user, but it does not seem to work. What I am actually wanting to use this for is as follows:

 <g:each var="child" in="${user?.children}">
    <p>Name: ${child.firstname}</p>
    <p>Author: ${child.lastname}</p>

Where user? is the currently logged in user. I have also tried it without the '?'. (user.children) and (User.children) none work.

FYI my Spring security classes are User and UserRole.

Any ideas?


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Take a look at SIMPLIFIED SPRING SECURITY WITH GRAILS. Spend more attention on SpringSecurityService. To take a logged in user you shold write in controller and pass the instance to view:

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