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I've made this jsfiddle to exactly illustrate what I want to accomplish. Basically I want to make a background image show hover another using css. I tried z-index but it doesn't work. I tried inserting the top image using img tag, but it's not a very good idea as it's part of the design and not an element of the page.

Note: I don't want the image to hide the text too ;)

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Won't this work?


You need to place footer-top-image inside the footer.

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Thanks, that did the trick all I needed was position: relative; top: -40px with div inside the other as you pointed, I also wanted the text to go up a little too so here is my final result: jsfiddle.net/gableroux/SzGe8/15 Thanks again :) –  GabLeRoux Aug 22 '12 at 1:58

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