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Is there any specific algorithm for handwriting recognition? The algorithm should recognize the hand written letter.

Any one could help would be greatly appreciated in advance.

Thank you

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You can use a genetic algorithm:


You can use Greedy Point Match:


I would suggest reading this paper:

On-Line and Off-Line Handwriting Recognition: A Comprehensive Survey

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Boosting was another easy, adaptive method for recognizing handwriting. check out adaboost, and its surrounding papers. –  nlucaroni Jul 30 '09 at 13:56

OCR might be a good starting point.

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Google has released an open source OCR engines Tesseract OCR, and It has an Python binding.
Hope this helps.

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This one seems to win all the major competitions lately: http://wiki.github.com/alexgraves/RNNLIB

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There's the dollar family of recognizers which you can use to recognize single or multistroke gestures (and potentially map that to your alphabet) The lastest member of this family is the $P Recognizer. Here's a starting point: http://depts.washington.edu/aimgroup/proj/dollar/pdollar.html

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