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I have made a simple enemy who will move from one side of the screen to the other using a speed variable. I would like to know how to make the enemy wave up and down a little while moving.

this.x += speed;
this.y ???
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this.y = sin(this.x) * someFactor;

To be adjusted further using additional factors, offsets, etc. as you wish.

In AS3 it's:

this.y = Math.sin(this.x) * someFactor;
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use modulus. example, this will make go up and down from -5 to 5:

this.y = (this.x % 10) - 5;
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Not sure if modulus would produce the results you're looking for, but if so, it's around twice as fast as using Math.sin –  BadFeelingAboutThis Aug 21 '12 at 21:45

I use this function:

private function sineWave(movementObject:MovieClip, speed:int, waveHeight:int, waveLength:int, yStartPosition:int):void 
        movementObject.x += speed;
        movementObject.y = (Math.sin(movementObject.x / wavelength) * waveHeight) + yStartPosition;

Speed is the horizontal movement speed, waveHeight is how high up and down it goes, waveLength is the spacing between the arcs and yStartPosition is the height on the screen that that object starts at. To move the object left, use a negative value for speed or change the 3rd line to:

movementObject.x -= speed;

Happy coding!

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