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I have the following callback:

ExternalInterface.addCallback("wasCalledFromJS", callFromJavaScript);

which is implemented like this:

    public function callFromJavaScript(dir:String):void {
    try {
        scriptName = dir.toString();
    } catch (e:*) {;

However, when I try to call it from the JS console, in the following way ( with the method defined in How to call flash actionscript callback method from javascript? ):

>>> thisMovie("Flex4TextArea1").wasCalledFromJS("1")

"Error in Actionscript. Use a try/catch block to find error."

It appears as if the code if not even reaching my try/catch block. Can you spot what I'm doing wrong?

EDIT: After adding Security.allowDomain("*"); it works. Why am I required to do this, even when testing on localhost? It is the same domain, is it not?

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Are you viewing through localhost and not some path like C:/my_hosting_area/htdocs – Neil Aug 22 '12 at 15:47
It might be that I opened a local file, such as c:/.... Isn't c:/something considered local domain as well? – Geo Aug 22 '12 at 16:11

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Error was caused because domain priviledges were not set.

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