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I'm running load tests in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, and I'm trying to build some custom reporting tools. In the LoadTestTestResults table, there's a column labeled Outcome. I've seen it have the values 0, 1, 3, and (mostly) 10. But I can't find anything that explains what the different values mean.

I think that 10 is a success outcome, according to a comment in Prc_GetUserTestDetail. No clue on the others -- they don't seem to match up with any numbers in the VS summary.

What do these outcome codes mean?

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It might be more useful to ask about what do you want to do instead of how to do it. Anyway, maybe this link is helpful: Description of Tables and Columns in VS 2010 Load Test Database – Schaliasos Aug 22 '12 at 7:10
I saw that link, but it only says this about my field: Outcome (tinyint): A value indicating the outcome of the test case detail I contacted the developer who wrote that blog, though, and he gave me the details on the field values. See the answer I posted below. – John Sprad Aug 27 '12 at 15:18
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I contacted a Microsoft developer from the MSDN blog on VS load testing and asked about this. Here's the information I got back, in case anybody else needs it:

The Outcome field is an enum that stores the status of an individual test case within a load test run. It can have values from 0 - 13.

0 - Error: There was a system error while we were trying to execute a test.

1 - Failed: Test was executed, but there were issues. Issues may involve exceptions or failed assertions.

2 - Timeout: The test timed out.

3 - Aborted: Test was aborted. This was not caused by a user gesture, but rather by a framework decision.

4 - Inconclusive: Test has completed, but we can't say if it passed or failed. May be used for aborted tests...

5 - PassedButRunAborted: Test was executed w/o any issues, but run was aborted.

6 - NotRunnable: Test had its chance for been executed but was not, as ITestElement.IsRunnable == false.

7 - NotExecuted: Test was not executed. This was caused by a user gesture - e.g. user hit stop button.

8 - Disconnected: Test run was disconnected before it finished running.

9 - Warning: To be used by Run level results. This is not a failure.

10 - Passed: Test was executed w/o any issues.

11 - Completed: Test has completed, but there is no qualitative measure of completeness.

12 - InProgress: Test is currently executing.

13 - Pending: Test is in the execution queue, was not started yet.

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