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I'm having a problem with my stylesheet on a QPushButton:

    color: #00FF00;

Pretty simple as you can see and the text colour gets set correctly. The problem arises when i click the button, a strange artefact appears like an inner part of the button has been selected. Unfortunately i don't have enough rep to post an image.

If i remove the stylesheet the artefact does not appear on press.

Any help welcome. Thanks!

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I found a solution:

    outline: none;

This removes the artefact, but unfortunately the 'shading' style of a focused widget is now also lost. If someone knows how to retain this please let me know (i couldn't find the default stylesheet online).

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Maybe you can try to edit the substate "pressed" of your button thanks to :

    color: #00FF00;

I tried you example on my computer but I can't see the artefact you speek about. But maybe it is because I have not the same default style than you.

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This only changes the colour of the text on press (as expected) and still leaves the original problem. – Ben Aug 22 '12 at 11:43

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