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What site/article/book would be a good place getting started writing software for servers to be accessed and controlled via web pages?

Apparently I didn't ask a real question in the beginning or something so I just asked a really simple question and if you want more details like what platform or languages would be preferable see below.

** original

First off I'm alright at programming. Just alright, I know how to use loops, text manipulation, arrays, etc. however I have only ever written applications that either a) sit in an html file and ajax call a server or b) send simple bytes to a server over a tcp socket. I've never written the server software that responds though.

I'd like to know where a good place would be to learn how to write the server software so that programs like this can send and receive information to and from. I have experience with python, java, and javascript as well as some bash.

I'm talking I lack the very basic tools of understanding here. For instance where do I put the files on the server so that I can make an ajax call to them? Do they all go into the cgi-bin or should those only be the gateways that forward information to a backend that isn't publicly accessible?

Basically I'm looking for a book or some articles that will teach me the very basics so that I can pick up on what most programmers think is a given when talking about this kind of server application. Preferably with a focus on making a back end for web applications using javascript.

I will most likely write the application backend in python as I find it is the fastest to develop on and I've been meaning to try out django if that makes a difference. (Reasons to use java over python would be cool if you find one better than the other for this)

Also it will be written on a Linux Amazon ec2 server.

I'm not asking you to explain it to me (although that would be nice of you if you did) I just want a good place to get started.

Thanks for any replies.

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if you are not too tied to one language or framework , consider this excellent course on developing websites here , it's very beginner friendly and will get you started although it uses php but that i shouldn't matter(disclaimer : I don't know php)

this will get you started in basics using javascript and html and php and understanding how a website comes together, later on you can enhance your skills with different sources , like opera web standards course mainly for frontend technologies or you will have your own insights.

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I've never heard of that site sounds cool. I may check that out as I've always been interested in PHP anyway. Thanks –  Poodimizer Aug 21 '12 at 22:40
I just realized it was free so yea, I'm definitely checking that out. Awesome site. Although if anyone has more suggestions more info never hurt. –  Poodimizer Aug 21 '12 at 22:42

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