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I've been wondering for a while if I can have google sites pages display things specific to the currently logged in user. I keep googling for a solution, but never come up with anything conclusive.

Basically I use Google sites for my university class websites. I'd love it if I could display things specific to an individual student, such as, you have completed homeworks 1,2 and 3 - now it's time to work on homework number 4

Many thanks in advance

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I've search in Google and found this:

You can use Page-level permissions to display certain pages to certain users. You can use Google Apps Script to detect the signed in user too, but what you could display in Google Apps Script is limited. I'd go for Page-level permissions.

(Link to that post on Google community support site.)

I think this is a good start for you.

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thanks - that is a good start - what I really need now is an example pulling spreadsheet data in a google site ... stackoverflow.com/questions/12264255/… –  Sam Joseph Sep 4 '12 at 13:14

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