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I'm trying to edit the group membership for a user, I have in my controller:

def change_membership():

if request.vars.id:

    row = db(db.auth_membership.user_id == request.vars.id).select()
    id = row[0].id  
    form = SQLFORM(db.auth_membership,
if form.process().accepted:
    ...redirect back to user list

if form.errors:
    response.flash = 'form has errors'

return dict(form=form)

But It doesn't work, I get a : list index out of range

I know that only get one row, but I don't understand why its seems empty..

Thanks in advance

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Where does request.vars.id get set and how is the value determined? Presumably it is added to the query string of the URL used to access this action. –  Anthony Aug 21 '12 at 23:08

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Thanks a lot Anthony and Massimo.

It´s save my day, now all is working using request.get_vars.id instead of request.vars.id


2012/8/22 Anthony wrote: Yes. Note, web2py stores GET variables in request.get_vars and POST variables in request.post_vars. It stores both GET and POST vars in request.vars. If both get_vars and post_vars have variables with the same name, it puts their values in a list within request.vars. Just change your code to use request.get_vars.id instead of request.vars.id.

2012/8/22 Massimo Di Pierro wrote: You have two id fields. One in request.get_vars.id (from the url) and one in request.post_vars.id (from the form submission).

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