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I wanna do something like a Pop Picture Game, when you have an album of pictures and have to answer the title of the picture, so I'm doing this using Django + Kickstrap + jQuery( for the logical code)

this is my template.

    <ul class="thumbnails" >
        <li class="span12" id="pops">
        {% for photo in %}
            <div class="thumbnail span3" id="pop_picture">
              <img src="{{MEDIA_URL}}{{photo.original_image}}"alt="{{}}">
              <p id="answer">{{}}</p>
              <input id="txt_pop" type="text"  value=""/>
              <button id="pops_button" type="submit"  class="btn">confere</button>
        {% endfor %}



function myCallback() {
    //do things!;
    if( $("#txt_pop").val() === $("#answer").text())

$(document).ready(function() {

    //and then change this code so that your callback gets run
    //when the button gets clicked instead of mine.
    // **by the way, this is jQuery!

Two things are happen, first one: How to pass {{}}, that's the answer, to use on my function on js.

The second, strange behavior is: Just my first div class with id="pop_picture" works fine, any other pictures response well.

This question is a mix of: newbie on jQuery and templates

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Dont use id for elements that occur more than once. That's probably why only your first one works and not the others. Same issue with id="answer" - use a class, and find it via jQuery.

{% for photo in %}
        <div class="thumbnail span3" id="pop_picture">
          <img src="{{MEDIA_URL}}{{photo.original_image}}"alt="{{}}">
          <p class="answer">{{}}</p>
          <input class="txt_pop" type="text"  value=""/>
          <button class="btn pops_button" type="submit">confere</button>
{% endfor %}

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('#pops .pops_button').click(function() {

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