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I have written a few Drools rules for my Seam application and am wondering how I go about unit testing these. Does anybody have any sample code that can show me how to go about doing this?

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I have actually figured this out for myself. Just wanted to contribute the question, and also the answer to the site for anyone else wondering about this. –  Aaron Chambers Jul 30 '09 at 12:58
so answer your own question. You might get a self-learner badge ;) –  Samuel Carrijo Jul 30 '09 at 13:05
@samuelcarrijo - I meant to, just forgot. Thanks for the reminder ;) –  Aaron Chambers Jul 30 '09 at 13:33
Now if you guys could only up vote the answer I can get that badge ;) –  Aaron Chambers Jul 31 '09 at 10:33

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Add the following code to a unit test (JUnit, TestNG, etc):

PackageBuilder builder = new PackageBuilder();

builder.addPackageFromDrl(new InputStreamReader(getClass().getResourceAsStream( "rules.drl")));

PackageBuilderErrors errors = builder.getErrors();

Assert.assertEquals(0, errors.getErrors().length);

RuleBase ruleBase  = RuleBaseFactory.newRuleBase();

StatefullSession session = ruleBase.newStatefulSession(false);

MyFactObject myFact = new MyFactObject();

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now mark it as answered, and you get a shiny badge –  skaffman Jul 30 '09 at 13:42
I have to wait 2 days before I can do so ;) –  Aaron Chambers Jul 31 '09 at 2:56

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