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I have a set of data that I'm trying to manipulate in order to achieve some results. In the one table, I have different waste types stored like this:

| id  | wastetype | percent |
|  1  |    12     |   30    |
|  2  |    12     |   20    |
|  3  |    12     |   10    |

Basically, what I want to do is display an accumulation of all the waste types in the table, given a specific wastetype ID. I would like to accomplish this using the database, so that the PHP code I have can then use the result from the query in any further calculations or print the result. I know if I use COUNT it won't count the values contained in the fields but it would count the number of times they appeared in the table.

How can I achieve this?

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Use SUM instead of COUNT. Try,

SELECT SUM(percent) totalPercentage
FROM tableName
WHERE wasteType = 1


SELECT wastetype, SUM(percent) totalPercentage
FROM tableName
GROUP BY wasteType
WHERE wasteType = 1
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SELECT COUNT(*) AS num, SUM(percent) AS sum_percent FROM table GROUP BY wastetype;

GROUP BY groups records with same values for the given field(s) together. Using grouping functions allows you to collect information on grouped data.

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