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So I'm writing a windows phone 7.5 app.

I used nuget to get version of the Facebook C# SDK.

From what I've read online it appears that I should be able to do the following...

var fb = new FacebookClient();
dynamic r = await fb.GetTaskAsync("4");

However, I don't see GetTaskAsync as a method of FacebookClient. I just get the usual GetAsync method.

Does async/await not work using the Facebook C# SDK on Windows Phone 7.5?


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Short answer:


You cannot use TPL on Windows Phone and as such the Facebook C# SDK does not contain TPL dependant methods in the Windows Phone build.

Longer answer:

The source is on github, so we can look into more specifically why the method doesn't show up.


The csproj files listed show only a target of WP7 (not WP75 or WP8), and as such, doesn't appear that it could use the TPL.

The *TaskAsync methods are implemented in the partial class at FacebookClient.Async.Tasks.cs, and as such, it's not supported in the WP7 build since that source file isn't included in the csproj.


That said, if you're willing to make your own build of the facebook SDK, you might be able to just install the nuget package for the PortableTPL and then include that partial class in the csproj (don't know, haven't tried it)

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