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In the JSF 2, I need to get ready the data before showing a dialog. In the code below, the method 'newAuto' defined in the viewscoped managed bean. once button is clicked, I want to call this method first, then show dialog.

I tried lots of ways, all failed.


<h:commandButton  type="button" value="Add Dialog"   onclick="jsf.ajax.request(this, event, {execute: 'newAuto'});  autoDialog2.show(); return false;" />
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You should be using the <f:ajax> tag and then its onevent attribute.

<h:commandButton value="Add Dialog" action="#{bean.newAuto}">
    <f:ajax onevent="function(data) { if (data.status == 'success') autoDialog2.show(); }" />

Maybe you also want to add render="someDialogId" to <f:ajax> which should update the dialog's content beforehand.

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