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  1. Is there a Pagination function in Jinja2 on Google App Engine?

  2. I am thinking about using from django.core.paginator import Paginator from django.

I think I need to include django library in app.yaml:

- name: django
  version: "1.2"

But I want to know if this makes my application run slower because I include more libraries.

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For pagination is suggested a query with cursor:

q = ndb.query()
cursor = ndb.Cursor(urlsafe=self.request.get('cursor'))
items, next_curs, more = q.fetch_page(10, start_cursor=cursor) 
if more:
    next_c = next_curs.urlsafe()
    next_c = None
self.generate('home.html', {'items': items, 'cursor': next_c })

and in template add a 'more' button

{% if cursor %}
    <a class="btn" href="?cursor={{cursor}}">more..</a>
{% endif %}

Is there something similar for the 'old' db.Model

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