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I follow these steps:

  1. Run swank-js in the command line.
  2. Run emacs.
  3. M-x slime-connect.
  4. Host:; Port: 4005
  5. Open up the http://localhost:8009/swank-js/test.html in Firefox.
  6. Receive: "Remote attached: (browser) Firefox14.0" in the emacs REPL.
  7. Run the command "document" in the REPL.

At this point, I receive the error:

ReferenceError: document is not defined
    at repl:1:1
    at DefaultRemote.evaluate (/usr/lib/nodejs/swank-js/swank-handler.js:314:9)
    at Executive.listenerEval (/usr/lib/nodejs/swank-js/swank-handler.js:414:21)
    at Handler.receive (/usr/lib/nodejs/swank-js/swank-handler.js:169:20)
    at SwankParser.onMessage (/usr/lib/nodejs/swank-js/swank.js:50:17)
    at SwankParser.handleMessage (/usr/lib/nodejs/swank-js/swank-protocol.js:75:8)
    at SwankParser.handleContent (/usr/lib/nodejs/swank-js/swank-protocol.js:62:10)
    at SwankParser.execute (/usr/lib/nodejs/swank-js/swank-protocol.js:53:20)
    at Socket.<anonymous> (/usr/lib/nodejs/swank-js/swank.js:60:16)
    at Socket.emit (events.js:67:17)

Should I be using require() or something? I'm still a bit hazy how swank/slime/node are communicating so please forgive the black box nature of this question. :D

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By the way, if you haven't already seen this. I thought you might appreciate it: emacsrocks.com/e11.html –  b.long Aug 30 '12 at 14:08
Thanks! That's actually the reason I started to try JavaScript and swank-js. I believe the problem had to do with me creating a symlink within the slime directory (to swank-js), and then, for some reason, changing out my slime-js file? But, the short of it is to ensure your slime-js file is correct. :D –  sdasdadas Aug 30 '12 at 17:34

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Judging by the bug report at https://github.com/swank-js/swank-js/issues/49#issuecomment-8079040, I'd guess you aren't loading the slime-js component.

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This was correct - I had an error loading slime-js. (I will award the bounty when the time limit expires.) Thanks for your help! –  sdasdadas Aug 28 '12 at 14:46

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