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How do I change the width of a select field, when using Twitter bootstrap? Adding input-xxlarge CSS classes doesn't seem to work (like it does on other form elements), so the elements in my drop down are currently cut off.

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can you post your html? –  keyur at codebins.com Aug 22 '12 at 5:01

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This works for me to reduce select tag's width;

<select id ="Select1" class="input-small">

You can use any one of these classes;





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Just want to note that this doesn't work in bootstrap 3. These classes now only have an effect on the height/padding of the control. –  Stefan Aug 21 '13 at 21:18
For twitter bootstrap 3, add: .input-mini { width: 60px; } .input-small { width: 90px; } .input-medium { width: 150px; } .input-large { width: 210px; } .input-xlarge { width: 270px; } .input-xxlarge { width: 530px; } –  Jeroen K Aug 30 '13 at 13:43

In bootstrap 3, it is recommended that you size inputs by wrapping them in col-**-# div tags. It seems that most things have 100% width, especially .form-control elements.


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I did a workaround by creating a new css class in my custom stylesheet as follows:

     width:auto !important;

And then applied this class to all my select elements either manually like:

<select id="State" class="selectwidthauto">

Or using jQuery:

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This is a good solution. But when 3 drop-down menus are added together, this still makes these 3 drop-down menus stack. –  Wayne Liu Jan 30 at 9:52

For me Pawan's css class combined with display: inline-block (so the selects don't stack) works best. And I wrap it in a media-query, so it stays Mobile Friendly:

@media (min-width: $screen-xs) {

    .selectwidthauto {
         width:auto !important;
         display: inline-block;

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Tested alone, <select class=input-xxlarge> sets the content width of the element to 530px. (The total width of the element is slightly smaller than that of <input class=input-xxlarge> due to different padding. If this a a problem, set the paddings in your own style sheet as desired.)

So if it does not work, the effect is prevented by some setting in your own style sheet or maybe in the use other settings for the element.

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