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I registered In-App Purchases and there are Ready to Submit. I want make their status Wait for Review but there are no ways for make it.

follow more details

  • I have succeessed to change status to "Wait for Review" one of them before, just one time.

  • I want to change status others, but I could not.

  • Submit for Review button are always disabled.

  • In "View Details", appear messages that :

    "In-App Purchases cannot be added to this version because it has already been submitted for review. To manage your In-App Purchases, go back to the App Summary page and click on the Manage In-App Purchases button."

In result, I have no idea to solving this problem. I read thousand articles about message above, but not works for me. Most answers say that just edit something in the "View Detalis" page. I know the answer is right but not effective in my case.

please help me!

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Once you have created a container in iTunes connect, you can click a button "ready for upload". That means your itunes connect is now expecting you to create an archive of your product and submit for review using Xcode.

To get from "Waiting for binary" to "waiting for review" is to submit your binary archive from Xcode.

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my app is work perfectly for just one In-App Purchase item that I made it to Wait for Review before, is not requires upload binary when test in devices. My problem is why it cannot make other items to status "Wait for Review". Why it succeessed just one time? –  user1615919 Aug 22 '12 at 6:42
Maybe send Apple a support email, asking why you can't submit multiple in-app purchase content for review. –  Zhang Aug 22 '12 at 8:45

I've just solved the same problem about 5 mins ago.

This is how my app looks like on https://itunesconnect.apple.com

![From Manage ou apps menu - Manage in-app purchases][1]

The trick was to use correct Bundle ID (from App) an ProductId (from image). It should work even though status is: Waiting for review and the binary has not been yet uploaded.

Good troubleshooting tutorial

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