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Trying to write a facebook app and am attempting authentication. This is a rails 3.1 application

The First redirect where I give facebook my api and it returns a code seems to run well. But when I try to take that code and 'exchange it' from a access_token I run into problems.

The access token appears where the iframe aws.

Here is my code.

def index
#Load facebook.yml info
config = YAML::load("#{Rails.root}/config/facebook.yml"));
# setup client

redirect_to "{config['development']['app_id']}&redirect_uri=#{CALLBACK_URI}"

def callback

  config = YAML::load("#{Rails.root}/config/facebook.yml"));
  if (!params.key?('access_token'))
     redirect_to "    {config['development']['app_id']}&redirect_uri=#{CALLBACK_URI}&client_secret=#{config['development']['client_secret']}&code=#{params['code']}"
 access_token = params['access_token']
 @me =

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You are not supposed to redirect the user’s browser to the second endpoint (think for a moment, you are putting your app secret into that URL, so it would be easy for everyone to spot it there) – you are supposed to make a server-side call to that endpoint.

The docs clearly say so,

“Once the user has authorized your app, you should make a server side request to exchange the code returned above for a user access token.”

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