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My code is like this:

public static void main(String[] args) throws MalformedURLException, RegistryException{
    System.setProperty("javax.net.ssl.trustStore", "D:/Program Files (x86)/keystores/MyCompany.jks");
    System.setProperty("javax.net.ssl.trustStorePassword", "4362976");
    RemoteRegistry registry = new RemoteRegistry(new URL("https://localhost:9443/registry"), "admin", "admin");
    ServiceManager serviceManager = new ServiceManager(registry);
    Service[] services = serviceManager.findServices(new ServiceFilter() {
        public boolean matches(Service service) throws GovernanceException {
            String attributeVal = service.getAttribute("interface_transportProtocols");

            return (attributeVal != null && attributeVal.equals("HTTPS"));



and an exception occurs:

Exception in thread "main" org.wso2.carbon.governance.api.exception.GovernanceException: A path is not associated with the artifact. at org.wso2.carbon.governance.api.common.dataobjects.GovernanceArtifact.checkRegistryResourceAssociation(GovernanceArtifact.java:570) at org.wso2.carbon.governance.api.services.dataobjects.Service.isActive(Service.java:186) at org.wso2.carbon.registry.ws.client.sample.RemoteReg.main(RemoteReg.java:36)

Can anyone help? thx a lot.

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The registry instance which you have used to initialize the ServiceManager should be a instance of governance registry.


RemoteRegistry registry = new RemoteRegistry(new URL("https://localhost:9443/registry"), "admin", "admin");

Registry govRegistry = GovernanceUtils.getGovernanceUserRegistry(registry,"admin");

ServiceManager serviceManager = new ServiceManager(govRegistry);

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thx a lot. that's the answer –  user1450233 Oct 18 '12 at 6:33

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