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I need to create cube calculation for median Age in a HR cube.

Measures: head count and FTE

Dimension: Age(Age, Age_Group ..) , Duty_type ,Staff(Staff_ID ..) , Date etc

I tried to use the following MDX script :

Median([Month Date].[Staff Profile Month Date - Hierarchy].[Month Date Calendar Year].currentmember.Children ,IIF([Age].[Age].currentmember.name ='All' ,0,StrToValue([Age].[Age].currentmember.name)))

Using following help : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms145570.aspx

Anyone have solution for this ?

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Create base measure called Sum Age(make it invisible) and use this to create median calculated measure.

Median([Staff].[Staff ID].currentmember.children,[Measures].[Sum Age])

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