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I am using jQuery UI with a rails application using backbone.js. I want to make a draggable element? Where do I have to put this function :

$('.area-tools').draggable({handle: ".grap-area", "containment" : "parent"})

Is it on the view? After the render function? Because, the initialize function doesn't find my element, I think the DOM is not already created?

So, i did this :

class Myapp.Views.Tools extends Backbone.View
  template: JST['pdfs/tools']

  tagName: "div"

  className: "pdf-tools"

    'click div.rect' : 'drawRect'

  initialize: ->
    @previewWrapper = $('.preview')
    @count = 0;

  render: ->



  initColorPicker: ->
    $('.area-tools').draggable({handle: ".grap-area", "containment" : "parent"})

  drawRect: (event) =>
    newElement = $('<div id="resizable" class="resizable"><div class="close">x</div><input type="text" name="text_' + @count++ + '" /></div>');

Is it good? Any recommendation?

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I just had the same issue come up when integrating the timeago plugin into my rails/backbone.js app.

My solution was almost the same as yours, except that instead of applying the plugin to the entire document, I apply it just to the view element. i.e. add a this before your selector:

initColorPicker: ->
  @.$('.area-tools').draggable({handle: ".grap-area", "containment" : "parent"})

That keeps the range of what you're doing with the plugin confined to the specific view you call the plugin from, which is important.

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Your analysis is correct, that your code will not work unless your view is attached to the Dom. You do have multiple options now:

  1. Move the event handling into the View via the events option. I would then also recommend to attach the event handlers to your view.
  2. Attach the view to the dom during creation via the el option. Read this post, especially the section on "Decouple Views from other DOM elements"
  3. Following shioyama's recommendation, is the 3rd option to fix your problem.

All 3 of those should fix your problem. But all 3 are best practice, so you might want to apply all 3.

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