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I am new to using VSS and it is the system used at work. Could anyone kindly give me some hints for the following:

  • Create/reviewing and applying changesets
  • Getting the latest version of the source but only the modified files (preferably using ss.exe)
  • Finding out the files which have been modified locally (again preferably using ss.exe or some other cli tool)
  • Receive emails when changesets are committed
  • Be notified (for merging) if I'm checkin in and the files the repo are newer

Thank you.

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If it's around version 6.0 - sabotage the hell out of it. Seriously. Even manually created Zip archives on a fileshare is better than VSS 6.x –  Anton Gogolev Jul 30 '09 at 14:00
You seem to be confusing SourceSafe with a version control system... ;) –  Kurt Schindler Jul 30 '09 at 14:04

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