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I want to remove any substring(s) in a string that begins with 'galery' and ends with 'jssdk));'

For instance, consider the following string:
Galery something something.... jssdk));

I need an algorithm that removes 'something something....' and returns 'Galery jssdk));'

This is what I've done, but it does not work.

newsValues[1].replaceAll("Galery.*?jssdK));", "");
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If you know it should begin with Galery and end with jssdk, why not do String newString = "Galeryjssdk" instead of doing any replacing? – Keppil Aug 22 '12 at 7:24

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Could probably be improved, I've done it fast:

  public static String replaceMatching(String input, String lowerBound, String upperBound{
    Pattern p = Pattern.compile(".*?"+lowerBound+"(.*?)"+upperBound+".*?");
    Matcher m = p.matcher(input);
    String textToRemove = "";

        textToRemove =;
    return input.replace(textToRemove, "");

UPDATE Thx for accepting the answer, but here is a smaller reviewed version:

 public static String replaceMatching2(String input, String lowerBound, String upperBound){
      String result = input.replaceAll("(.*?"+lowerBound + ")" + "(.*?)" + "(" + upperBound + ".*)", "$1$3");
      return result;

The idea is pretty simple actually, split the String into 3 groups, and replace those 3 groups with the first and third, droping the second one.

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You are almost there, but that will remove the entire string. If you want to remove anything between Galery and jssdK));, you will have to do something like so:

String newStr = newsValues[1].replaceAll("(Galery)(.*?)(jssdK\\)\\);)","$1$3");

This will put the strings into groups and will then use these groups to replace the entire string. Note that in regex syntax, the ) is a special character so it needs to be escaped.

String str = "GaleryABCDEFGjssdK));";
String newStr = str.replaceAll("(Galery)(.*?)(jssdK\\)\\);)","$1$3");

This yields: GaleryjssdK));

I know that the solution presented by @amit is simpler, however, I thought it would be a good idea to show you a useful way in which you can use the replaceAll method.

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Simplest solution will be to replace the string with just the "edges", effectively "removing" 1 everything between them.

newsValues[1].replaceAll("Galery.*?jssdK));", "GaleryjssdK));");

1: I used "" here because it is not exactly replacing - remember strings are immutable, so it is creating a new object, without the "removed" part.

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newsValues[1] = newsValues[1].substring(0,6)+newsValues.substring(newsValues[1].length()-5,newsValues[1].length())

This basically concatenates the "Galery" and the "jssdk" leaving or ignoring everything else. More importantantly, you can simply assign newValues[1] = "Galeryjssdk"

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