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I made a simple application to connect to an application via terminal. I used an external library I found on the internet (can't recall where exactly). The code works something like this:

Telnet t = new Telnet("", 23, 100);
if (!t.Connect())

t.SendAndWait("?", "> ");

Which sends ? to console and waits for >. However, I need to send shift+F10 sometimes (it's break command for application), and I don't know how to do this. After some research I found out that I may need to send something like this:

t.SendAndWait("^[1~", "> ");

^[ would be escape character, and 1~ I found out using telnet in windows, connecting to same application and pressing F10. But I can't figure out what code would be equivalent to shift, nor if this is correct approach at all?

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Kindof workaround - thanks to answer Sending Control-N and <CR><LF> via telnet using C# and mentioned page http://www.bbdsoft.com/ascii.html, I figured out I can use CTRL+Y as well to interrupt, and the following code works okay:

t.SendAndWait(Char.ToString((char)0x19), "< ");
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