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I am using dustjs for front end templating. I have json data as var userData = {'desc': 'This content should be shown inside HTML SPAN TAG'};

Dust template: {userData.desc}

But when I try to render this template, the desc content is shown on page "as the same string" and tag is not shown as HTML span.

if I use {userData.desc|s|h}: span is shown on page as <span>

The only way I could use is {userData.desc|s} : this one shows the span as html tags properly. But |s will unescape script tags as well, which is a risk.

I want to unescape only HTML tags from the json data content, is there any way to achieve this requirement in dustjs..??

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you can create a custom filter - this would suit your need better than a helper. just extend dust.filter with your own custom code that does what you want.

refer to my answer here: How do I implement custom rendering logic in dust.js?

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The only available Dust filter for disabling auto-escaping is |s, which is, as you mentioned, not safe if there is a possibility that a script tag will be included in your data. According to the Dust github page:

Filters do not accept arguments; if you need more sophisticated behavior use a section tag instead.

Although it is never made clear in the documentation how a section tag could be used to create more sophisticated filter behavior, I believe the most probable solution would be by creating an @ helper.

Having said that, I would say the built-in filters are sufficient for most use cases. If it is possible that a script tag will get into userData.desc, then don't disable auto-escaping. If you're using templates, then your markup should be created in your template (not your JSON), anyway.

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thanks a lot. you are correct html should be in templates, but for me its going to be delivered from thirdparty, so will need to find an alternative – lucky Aug 24 '12 at 6:14
I would suggest creating a custom helper, then. – smfoote Aug 24 '12 at 20:10

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