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I have searched everywhere and can't find how to do this. I have a business list portal and I mark there locations on the map. I want when searched in the region of Las Vegas (example) and search with radius 1000 metra to get all companies in that region

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So what have you tried? Or do you want us to give you a ready-to-go example? –  Gerald Versluis Aug 22 '12 at 8:12
developers.google.com/places/documentation i have tried with this but i can't build what i want. So a good example will be very cool –  Михаил Шахов Aug 22 '12 at 8:17

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Should not be to hard, just check out this part op the API documentation.

It describes to create a link like this:


Whereas the key is your personal API key (get it here), the location should be your GPS coordinates in latitude,longitude format, the radius is the ground in meters around your given location where Google should search and the sensor is if you are using a GPS enabled browser.

You could change xml in json to get a json result.

These are the required parameters. For your specific need you should probably also include types with types you can specify what kind of place you are looking for. Check the list here. You can use multiple types by using the | (pipe) sign. I.e. placetype1|placetype2.

Also you could use the keyword parameters to further define a search. Image you are just looking for McDonalds places, add McDonalds in the keyword section.

A full example taken from the Google documentation site would be like this:


Here you are looking for a restaurant (of any kind) within 500 meters around your position (Sydney, Australia in this case) with the word 'harbour' in their name.

With the programming language of your choosing you should be able to send a request to the link you have generated (like the one above), get the results in either XML or JSON format (whatever you like) and compile a list with the results.

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