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I've been trying to get Sifr3 to work for hours now, it works fine in Safari and Firefox, but doesn't in IE6 & IE7.

I've checked the Flash version + found somewhere the problem could lay in media="" definition which i added.

Here are the codes I use:

sIFR.prefetch({ src: 'myriad.swf' }, { src: 'myriader.swf' }); sIFR.compatMode = true; sIFR.activate(); sIFR.replace({ selector: 'h1.pak', src: 'myriad.swf', css: { '.sIFR-root' : { 'color': '#ed1c24', 'font-weight': 'normal' }, }, wmode: 'transparent', paddingTop: 10 }); sIFR.replace({ selector: 'h2.pak,h3.pak', src: 'myriader.swf', css: { '.sIFR-root' : { 'color': '#ed1c24', 'font-weight': 'normal' }, }, wmode: 'transparent', paddingTop: 0 });

If you want to have a look at the page you can go here:

I really hope someone will be able to help me out on this. Thanks in advance,


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You're using 3.0 alpha 1, which you really shouldn't. r436 is the latest version.

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Trying to get sIFR 3 r436 to work with IE. IE gives some generic javascript error. Removing wmode: 'transparent' seems to help but I still need that wmode for lightbox.

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I found a solution here:

basically you just need to add the following code line after sIFR.activate(..); :

sIFR.repaintOnResize = false;

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