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I have my Ubuntu server setup so my Django project will bestarted by upstart like this:

  set -e
  LOGDIR=$(dirname $LOGFILE)
  # user/group to run as
  cd /var/www/webapps/foo
  source ../env/bin/activate
  test -d $LOGDIR || mkdir -p $LOGDIR
  exec ../env/bin/gunicorn_django -w $NUM_WORKERS \
    --user=$USER --group=$GROUP --log-level=debug \
    --log-file=$LOGFILE 2>>$LOGFILE && celeryd -l info -B

As you can see I also added celeryd at the end. But its not started Im sure it does not start as my tasks is not getting done. When I start it in the terminal on the server with:

manage.py celeryd -l info -B it does start and I can see the tasks being done.

How am I supposed to start it with Django?

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You should create a separate upstart script for starting celeryd. This should get you started.

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hey please can anyone help me that i want to start the periodic task schedule at 10PM today and this schedule of repeat at the interval of 60 seconds. then what should i do?? –  lord_linus Aug 28 '12 at 10:48

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