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I have some problem exporting data to Excel file. for example

This is result and problem is, the blank at the right end. there suppose to be 0.947227532 but some how it's empty. I have vague guess that it's because it has serial same value in a row. Please tell me what to do.

 0.690745994    18.05949033 1.192653957 0.396440197
-0.044258514    3.46265691  0.947227532 
 0.679917786    12.28067074 1.322402497 0.396440197
 0.639375225    16.35981089               
 0.637346185    16.30103417 1.034478957 0.241511727
 0.317693262    0.947227532 1.000000167 2.23117E-06
 0.669425212    14.80575942 1.007101536 0.094840169
 0.635785401    15.01130502 1.021861337 0.194297042
 0.640530449    16.36085872 1.039032143 0.254278537

xlswrite('MING.xls', rhoV3, 'MING', 'M17')

xlswrite('MING.xls', rhoV4, 'MING', 'Q17')

xlswrite('MING.xls', PV, 'MING', 'AA17')

xlswrite('MING.xls', WP2, 'MING', 'S17')

xlswrite('MING.xls', Cd2, 'MING', 'T17')


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Unfortunately your question cannot be answered in its current form. It's not clear what the values of the variables rhoV3, rhoV4 etc. are. Are the numbers at the top of your question the inputs or outputs of the process? –  mtrw Aug 22 '12 at 9:01
that code is incomplete. Please write the example so that we can try it. –  bdecaf Aug 22 '12 at 9:17
Maybe the code is complete and he's getting nothing in the excel file because he's passing in variables with nothing in them. –  user1401864 Aug 22 '12 at 13:18

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Change your code so you can see the values of the arrays you are writing on the screen:

xlswrite('MING.xls', rhoV3, 'MING', 'M17')

xlswrite('MING.xls', rhoV4, 'MING', 'Q17')

xlswrite('MING.xls', PV, 'MING', 'AA17')

xlswrite('MING.xls', WP2, 'MING', 'S17')

xlswrite('MING.xls', Cd2, 'MING', 'T17')

I'd bet dollars to donunts that xlswrite is working fine and the problem is that rhoV4 has fewer elements in it than you thought it did. So fix rhoV4 and you are done.

If I am wrong, come back with the results of that test, modify your question, and we can all try to figure it out.

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