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I worked on many architectures for asp.net mvc which includes N-Tier, Interface repository + MVC design pattern.

Somewhere I exposed my entities directly over UI. Somewhere I exposed domain model over UI. Now we have concept of ViewModel.

I tried to include Business logic into viewmodel and in separate processor classes also.

Then I exposed this viewmodel over views.

I do not find any difference in above two methodologies but sill I have little doubt rather to include business logic code inside our viewmodel or not.

Do this viewmodel restricted to only have metadata like fields, data annotations attributes etc

This concern is due as we are going to expose this viewmodel to view and I am having little doubt as if you include business logic code inside viewmodel, it gets also exposed over view as most of the functions will be public.

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You should not include business logic inside the view model. The business logic is something reusable between different applications. A view model contains mainly metadata that allows to format and validate given fields in a way that corresponds to the requirements of the view in which it is used.

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YES, I gone thru lots of articles over stackoverflow and found that business logic should be separate from viewmodel. Moreover we can't repeat code for different views as for all view all business logic code is not required. The testing of viewmodel also becomes difficult. –  ProgrammersGeek Aug 22 '12 at 9:00

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