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I am trying to retrieve files from ftp.I am getting following exception. Sometimes concurrent access to same file can be case.My firewall is turn off.

My question is how can get ride of this exception, because it can not download necassary files, my program does not make its work

My download code:

    public boolean downloadFile(String sourceFilePath, String destinationDirPath, String newFileName)
            throws IllegalStateException {

//      final FTPClient client = this.getClient();
        FileOutputStream output = null;
        try {
            // The remote filename to be downloaded.
            String filename = new File(sourceFilePath).getName();
            // Downloads the selected file to the C drive
            output = new FileOutputStream(destinationDirPath + File.separator + newFileName);
            this.cd(new File(sourceFilePath).getParent());
            // Download file from FTP server
            boolean result = client.retrieveFile(filename, output);
            log.trace("File is downloaded from server:" + filename + ", to destination:"+newFileName);
            return result;
        // Indicate that an exception is occurred while downloading file
        catch (Exception ioe) {
            throw new FileTransferException("Could not download file", ioe);
        } finally {
            if (output != null) {
                try {
                    // trying to close FileOutputStream
                } catch (IOException e) {
                    log.warn("Error closing writer to file:"+newFileName, e);
                output = null;

And here is the stack trace:

Exception during data transfer, closing data connection socket
    java.net.SocketException: Software caused connection abort: socket write error
        at java.net.SocketOutputStream.socketWrite0(Native Method)
        at java.net.SocketOutputStream.socketWrite(SocketOutputStream.java:92)
        at java.net.SocketOutputStream.write(SocketOutputStream.java:136)
        at java.io.BufferedOutputStream.flushBuffer(BufferedOutputStream.java:65)
        at java.io.BufferedOutputStream.write(BufferedOutputStream.java:109)
        at org.apache.ftpserver.impl.IODataConnection.transfer(IODataConnection.java:289)
        at org.apache.ftpserver.impl.IODataConnection.transferToClient(IODataConnection.java:161)
        at org.apache.ftpserver.command.impl.RETR.execute(RETR.java:166)
        at org.apache.ftpserver.impl.DefaultFtpHandler.messageReceived(DefaultFtpHandler.java:210)
        at org.apache.ftpserver.listener.nio.FtpHandlerAdapter.messageReceived(FtpHandlerAdapter.java:61)
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You haven't said what the exception is, or asked an actual question. –  Jon Skeet Aug 22 '12 at 8:39
Show us the initialization of client too. Did you do a connection ? Are you sure this function isn't called by two threads ? –  dystroy Aug 22 '12 at 8:40
You might need to use PASV mode depending on the firewalls/NAT in your way. –  Dan Matthews-Grout Aug 22 '12 at 8:51
What is client ? Can you show its code ? –  Vivek Aug 22 '12 at 9:00
@Vivek from the tags I guess it's this one. But there can be so many misuses in the code we don't see... –  dystroy Aug 22 '12 at 9:11

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