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I'm just starting work on a new ChicagoBoss app (call it my_app). I've got an existing app (call it ext_app) I'd like to link to, so I can call functions such as ext_app:start() from my_app. At the moment I'm accomplishing this using rebar, which does work, but I'd rather do something along the lines of a shared library.

In my_app/src/my_app.app.src I've got the line:

{applications, [kernel, stdlib, crypto, boss]}

I'm envisioning that I would change that to:

{applications, [kernel, stdlib, crypto, boss, ext_app]}

But I don't know where to put the path to ext_app?

I suppose if I spent a week or three poring over the OTP documentation, I might figure it out, but . . . I guess I'd rather spend that time coding.

Oh, yeah - this is on a Debian "wheezy" system.

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My guess is that you just want to include the path to ext_app when starting your applications which would allow erlang to call ext_add:start().

Use flags -pa or -pz when starting erl to add a directory to the code path either in the beginning or the end. It's equivalent as using code:add_pathsa/1 or code:add_pathsz/1.

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