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In ExtJS 3.4.0 API, on the Ext singelton, is says that there's a 'define' method that one uses to define a Class. It is also noted that this is new since ExtJS 3.

From some reason, this method does not exists, and I wonder if anyone knows why?

You can see for you self by surfing to the Basic Grid example page, loading Developer Tools or Firebug, and on the Console write "Ext.define" which yields undefined.

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Please post some code and exact error message you're getting – sha Aug 22 '12 at 11:45
The code is the link hyperlinked on the "page" word. The check: "Ext.define" which can be run using Developer Tools (Chrome, Safari, etc), which returns undefined, and not a function as expected – Asaf Mesika Aug 22 '12 at 17:05

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The shorter, and probably the most accurated, answer is because the documentation is wrong. Extjs 3.4 doesn´t have an Ext.define method.

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Ext.define was added to the commercial version of ext released July 30 2012. as of now only support customers have access to this release. see release announcement

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