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I want to select all the child elements of a parent element (except the first) with jQuery and I have the below..


But I'm not sure how I can apply it to just the certain parent ID, would something like this work?


If so, I then want to add an element before the respective <li> tag. Would I then be able to do this with?


I'm guessing something above is wrong as it isn't working.

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Do you want to find all descendants of #myID which are not the first child of their respective parent or only the children of #myID except the first one? –  Felix Kling Aug 22 '12 at 9:55
Only wanted the children of #myID. :) –  Brett Aug 22 '12 at 10:35

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Close, just pass in the selector context:

$("li:not(:first-child)", "#myID")


jQuery( selector [, context] )

selector: A string containing a selector expression

context: A DOM Element, Document, or jQuery to use as context

EDIT: My initial answer assumed that you have no more li within the child's li. if you strictly only wants to select the children, use >:

$("#myID > li:not(:first-child)") 
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There's different solutions:

$("li:not(:first-child)", "#myID"); // see @SiGanteng answer

$("#myID li:not(:first-child)");

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Simple: using the :gt() help selector:

Just do it like: demo fiddle

$("#myID li:gt(0)").before('<li>Test</li>');

If you are concerned about speed :) :


or like: demo fiddle

$("#myID li:not(:first-child)").before('<li>Test</li>');
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Assuming #myID is a ul or ol element, another possible way to get all children but the first is

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