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probably an easy question: I want to wrap the "(format ..)" function of Scheme in order to handle my debugging output (including the wrapping of the format-string).

As "format" takes a variable number of arguments my wrapper would need to do that too yielding the question on how I tell scheme to have an ellipsis-parameter and how to reference it.

I thought of something like this:

(define debugPrint
    (lambda (formatString ELLIPSIS_PARAMETER)
        (if debug
            (format #t (string-append "<!--" formatString "-->") ELLIPSIS_PARAMETER)

Thank You for your help in advance!

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There is dot notation for this:

(define (debugPrint formatString . params)
 (if debug
   (apply format #t (string-append "<!--" formatString "-->") params)

Take note on apply as dot notation wraps all parameters in list and when you use (debugPrint "~a: ~a" key name), the formatString will be bound to "~a: ~a" and params will be bound to (key name) (sure the values of key and name, not symbols ;).

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Ahh, that way it goes :) - additionally the notation without lambda is not bad. I should have read a tutorial on how to write scheme instead of just reading code of other people ;) – milnet Aug 22 '12 at 11:32

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