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Is there any command line utility,to do spell check in english properties file.

For Example.

Properties file will contains like,

com.hello.world= Hello world.


I need to find out wrong word "hoem"

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On unix-like systems, you can use a combination of tools on the command line. One example would be to use egrep to filter out lines starting with comment characters, cut to split the properties file on the equals sign and output the second field (right-hand side), and a pipe to a spell checker like spell.

Given this input file named resources.properties:

# Application resources
com.hello.world = Hello world.
com.module.home = hoem.
com.module.fruits = apple, bananananana, cranberry, grape, orange, strawburry

Here's an example of a command to spell check "resources.properties", and its output:

[user@host ~]$ egrep -v '^#' resources.properties | cut -d= -f2 | spell

The egrep -v '^#' command filters out comments (lines that start with the pound sign). The -d= argument to the cut utility sets the field delimiter to the equals sign, and -f2 directs the command to output the second field -- the right-hand side of the equals sign, a.k.a. the property value / string to spell-check.

On many systems, the "spell" command is provided by the aspell utility. An alternate command line that invokes aspell directly, and offers suggestions for spelling correction:

egrep -v '^#' resources.properties | cut -d= -f2 | aspell pipe
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