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I am trying to have interface for C++ library for python using boost::python, my C++ code is using ACE , now when I include following code

  #include <boost/python.hpp>
  using namespace boost::python;

it is giving me following error

1>E:\thirdparty\ace.6.1.0_versioned_vc10\ace/ACE.h(150): error C2872: 'ssize_t' : ambiguous symbol
1>          could be 'E:\thirdparty\ace.6.1.0_versioned_vc10\ace/os_include/sys/os_types.h(126) : int ssize_t'
1>          or       'E:\thirdparty\boost_1_51_0\boost/python/ssize_t.hpp(15) : boost::python::ssize_t'

How do i resolve this error

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In this case you should not use using directive. Use namespace python = boost::python or something else. Or, you should include ACE headers, or something that include ACE headers before using namespace boost::python;, but first is preferable.

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